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Awaken Duo-Kit

Brand: Real Oil

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Don’t let flagging energy levels limit your day. Pick up the pace with this bracing blend of bright citrus and pure mint, carefully crafted to keep you on your toes and ready for action. Sourced from premium botanicals, this stimulating blend has the correct balance of natural constituents so you can be ready to carpe every diem.

Don't reach for another can of caffeinated sugar to stay awake at work. Breathe this stimulating scent and be ready to tackle your next important task without the impediment of caffeine jitters. Get a natural lift and a refreshed perspective with this sweet and citrusy scent.

Dilute and rub onto your wrists, shoulders, and neck, or onto the soles of your feet to power up for the day. Diffuse in the morning to get the whole family moving before the school bus arrives. Inhale directly from the bottle to tackle the afternoon at work, or to pound out your evening workout. Feel the refreshing energy of morning anytime you need it with the energizing power of essential oils.

"At Real Oil, we take the quality of our products very seriously. Our customers expect the highest standards in purity, strength, and quality for their essential oil products, and they want consistent and powerful results from every batch. We’ve embraced those high standards and even taken them a step further. (Yep, we’re kind of over-achievers that way).

Our quality process is the industry’s best. You can feel confident that every single and blend we offer -- from Awaken to Zen -- will exceed your expectations for quality, strength, and purity.

We source our oils from the best farms and distilleries around the globe. To ensure we sell only the best essential oils, we conduct GC/MS testing at a third party lab to guarantee purity and efficacy. GC/MS tests ensure that the oils we sell are the exact species on the label and are 100% free of additives, pollutants, adulterants, and dilutions. Real oil publishes GC/MS test results for every single oil we sell on our website.

How are essential oils extracted, and what plant parts are the oils derived from?

Depending on the plant, different extraction methods may be used to yield the highest quality essential oil. Not all parts of the plant are used to extract an essential oil, only those that yield the best quality product.

Our essential oils are either cold-pressed, or extracted through distillation. Our quality-experts use the best method for each respective product.The majority of our essential oils are steam distilled. Citrus essential oils are cold-pressed to procure the most potent essential oil.

The method used to extract a product and the part of the plant used can be found on each of our product pages.

Are your products organic?

We understand the importance of organic products to our customers. We source the most pure and efficacious oils available throughout the world. Our strategic sourcing prioritizes wildcrafted and organic oils if we deem them superior in quality to the conventionally grown options. For us, purity is king. GC/MS test results are provided directly on product pages so that every customer can review the quality of our products and verify their purity."

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