Bug Off Insect Repellent

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Bug Off Insect Repellent

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Ingredients: Our all natural bug repellent is made with a special blend of 5 essential oils mixed in avocado oil, mango butter and bees wax. 

Brand: Hanna Herbals

Description: Bug Off Insect Repellent - All natural bug repellent. It is that time of year again, when we want to be running around int he sunshine. Help keep those pesky biting bugs away from you and your family. It helps keep skin soft while keeping those bugs at bay. It comes in a handy twist tube for easy application. Just rub the bar over your skin, you can apply as needed.

Our repellent is not water proof, if you are sweating or have gone swimming you will want to reapply when you dry off.

Size: Each tube contains 2.5 fluid ounces. The essential oils we use are safe in children 2 or older. Consult your doctor or health care practitioner to decide if it is safe for any little person under the age of 2.