Fujian Jasmine Tea

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Fujian Jasmine Tea

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Intoxicating, floral, fresh cut grass, chestnut

Each summer when the jasmine flowers are blooming in Southeastern China’s Fujian province, a midnight ritual takes place. Premium spring-harvested green tea is layered with fresh jasmine blossoms so that the flowers can impart their aroma onto the tea. This takes place in the shade of the night so that the precious jasmine aromatic oil is not diluted by the summer sun. Up to 10 lots of jasmine flowers are used to scent one lot of tea for an intense, yet natural, floral aroma.

Premium Jasmine infused green tea

Steep 2 teaspoons (3.8 g) of Fujian Jasmine tea in 1 cup (8 oz) of 180 degree water for 3 minutes. For 180° F water, boil then let cool 3-5 minutes.