Handmade Organic Vapor Rub - Ethical Chick
Handmade Organic Vapor Rub - Ethical Chick

Handmade Organic Vapor Rub

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Ingredients: This vapor rub is an olive oil and beeswax base that is healing and nutritive to the skin. The vapor comes from a healing combination of essential oils all known for aiding and relieving sickness. It has eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils that clear sinus passageways and lungs and peppermint that clears the nose and rejuvenates the mind. This is a great chemical free alternative to the commercial product and smells the same but you also get the healing benefits of the essential oils. 

Brand: Butter Me Up Organics

Description: This Vapor rub is a great alternative to the commercial rubs you can buy in the grocery store for many reasons. First of all, there's no petroleum jelly base-as in gasoline, it was a corrosive that was discovered on an oil rig. Petroleum jelly also does not absorb into the skin.

Size: 2 oz. tin 

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