Kenzie Malachite Choker

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Kenzie Malachite Choker

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The Kenzie is a made-to-order piece that begins with a carefully chosen pieces of malachite that are rigorously inspected by a geologist to ensure that they meet our quality standards.  Next, because malachite is a naturally fragile and soft mineral, it is carefully reconstituted, to add strength and a protective layer so that it will be more protected from scratches and future damage, in this phase it is shaped, polished, and drilled. It's then wire wrapped by hand, and strung on a vegan waxed cotton cord; every Kenzie is made by hand in Austin, Texas, USA by our artisans that are paid ethical, living wages.  Before each is sent out, they are inspected again for quality, before being carefully packaged and shipped out.   

What's more?  In crystal healing, Malachite is often referred to as a protective stone, it draws away negative energy from the body and surroundings and helps protect against negative outside influences and relationships.


• Handmade in Austin, Texas
• Three Malachite Spheres
• One Size fits all – Completely Adjustable
• Nickel-Free
• Water-resistant
• In October 2018, the Kenzie launched in our Spring 2019 Collection
• Special Edition Holiday Version Now Available with Red Cord!

Photos By:
Girl in green grass: @paua13
Girl holding necklace: @wilmandra
Girl with Glasses & Leaf: 
Girl with Earrings: @ryn_rose_