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Kenzie Malachite Choker

Brand: ROX Jewelry

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The Kenzie is a made-to-order piece that begins with a carefully chosen pieces of malachite that are rigorously inspected by a geologist to ensure that they meet our quality standards.  Next, because malachite is a naturally fragile and soft mineral, it is carefully reconstituted, to add strength and a protective layer so that it will be more protected from scratches and future damage, in this phase it is shaped, polished, and drilled. It's then wire wrapped by hand, and strung on a vegan waxed cotton cord; every Kenzie is made by hand in Austin, Texas, USA by our artisans that are paid ethical, living wages.  Before each is sent out, they are inspected again for quality, before being carefully packaged and shipped out.   

What's more?  In crystal healing, Malachite is often referred to as a protective stone, it draws away negative energy from the body and surroundings and helps protect against negative outside influences and relationships.

Photos By:
Girl in green grass: @paua13
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Girl with Earrings: @ryn_rose_

• Handmade in Austin, Texas
• Three Malachite Spheres
• One Size fits all – Completely Adjustable
• Nickel-Free
• Water-resistant
• In October 2018, the Kenzie launched in our Spring 2019 Collection
• Special Edition Holiday Version Now Available with Red Cord!

The best way to protect the plating of your jewelry is by removing it before washing your hands, showering, exercising (including swimming), and before applying any kind of lotions soaps or oils to your body. 

Contact with lotions, soaps, beauty products, cleaning chemicals, etc. can reduce jewelry's shine over time.  

Avoid extreme heat. And store jewelry in a cool, dry place.

Stones are fragile and can break, crack, or scratch if not handled with care. 

Polish with an eye-glass polishing cloth rubbing in one direction. Do not use tissues, toilet paper, or paper towels.

To prevent loosing earrings, always wear the safety backs when wearing them.

After getting her degree in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin, Tyler worked for a few years in the corporate world as a geologist. 
"Doing that I felt like a little piece of me faded away every day— I was working long hours doing something that I realized I had no passion for.  I didn't feel like I was making a positive impact on the world, there was little opportunity for creative expression, and there were no women in management or leadership roles for me to look up to. The purpose of me telling you this is not to cast stones nor to condemn my old employer, but to explain that the job was not my path. One day, I woke up with the realization that if I didn't leave soon, I could wake up in 30 years and still be unhappy, wondering "what if". So, I started saving any extra money I could, and on March 24, 2017 I left that job to pursue a career that I would be passionate about.
The day I quit, I went back to my apartment and started brainstorming about how I could build a company that...
1) Could change the world for the better and help a lot of people
2) Could incorporate the creative, fashion-loving side side of me
3) And could play to my education as a geologist

That’s when ROX Jewelry was born.  The idea was simple: 

Make beautiful jewelry out of high quality materials and give back to a charity in the process."

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