Organic Skin Care Bath Tea

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Organic Skin Care Bath Tea

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This healing soak of skin soothing herbs is a wonderful treat to tired, itchy or irritated skin.

A combination of anti-inflammatory , antioxidant, antibacterial and pain relieving herbs is certain to give you that much desired relief from pain and irritation commonly associated with Psoriasis and Eczema.

These herbs can be steeped right in the bag or poured straight into the bath for an extra decadent and recuperative bath. A bath strainer is recommended for the second option.

Ingredients and benefits:

-Organic Aloe Vera Powder- antioxidant and pain reliever

-Organic Burdock Root Powder- Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

-Organic Calamus Root Powder- Anti-inflammatory and for all skin conditions

-Organic Calendula Flowers- antibacterial, disinfectant, immunostimulant, reduces pain

-Organic Chamomile Flowers- Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, calming

-Organic Chrysanthemum Flowers- Great for skin sores

-Organic Hibiscus Flowers- Nice for weeping Eczema Organic Neem- Great for skin infections

-Organic Nettle- Great for skin conditions

If you're having an especially strong breakout, two teas are recommended. If you'd prefer more or less of a certain herb include in message and I'll be happy to adjust.

Tea comes in 4x6 unbleached muslin bag