Pack 4 adult toothbrushes - White, Black, Blue and Emerald

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Pack 4 adult toothbrushes - White, Black, Blue and Emerald

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🌍Throughout your life, you will use more than 300 toothbrushes.

This equates to 5kg of plastic. 
Each brush takes about 75 years to degrade. 
Each year 4.5 billion thoothbrushes are sold. 
Toothbrushes can't be recycled. They are made of a hard plastic that must be crushed and incinerated. 
Many of these brushes end up in the sea, being poison for thousands of animals.

🍃 With bamboo toothbrushes you help keep our planet free from excessive consumption of plastic. You can be the change the world needs and help reduce the billions of brushes that end up in the oceans and in the fields each year.

✅ Unique with FSC certification that guarantees that its forest origin has been properly managed with respect to the environmental conservation indicated by international standards.

We will tell you more about what they are made of and how:

BrushBrushboo bristles are BPA free and made of Nylon 6 Dupont. Nylon 6 is the plastic with the highest biodegradability with which the bristles of the brush can be manufactured. Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in some plastic toothbrushes and is dangerous to health.

👩🏽‍⚕️Our brush has been designed working with dentists to create the best shape and size that is ergonomic while cleaning and whitening your smile.