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Shea Butter Bars - Organic - Unrefined

Brand: Sweet Harvest Farms

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I introduced my Organic Shea Butter bar a few years ago. I created my recipe to help with very dry cuticles, dry patches, heel and elbows. Even men loved it for their heels and hard working hands. Women loved it to help with their stretch marks during and after pregnancy. It worked great! Actually better than great, but it was a slow mover. I just think people didn’t know realize how beneficial it truly was would so I stopped producing it. Then recently I pulled out a jar thinking I could perhaps use it for something else.…………………

By now I am sure that most of you know I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer last summer. It had not reached the lymph nodes, was very small and was contained so I just needed a lumpectomy. I was lucky. Having said that just to make sure I went through 3 weeks of radiation. Radiation, of course, burns your skin and discolors it. Almost like a really, really dark tan (and I mean burned dark) but an "ugly tan" not a nice one, especially under your arms and under your breast.

Due to the burn I asked my husband to apply my Shea butter Bar on my affected breast and underarm. I assumed it would help with the burn and hasten the healing and improve the look of the scar.

What happened was amazing! The morning after the first application I could see the difference. Not only could I feel the difference but could see it as well. I thought maybe it was just me or that the lighting was bad. So I waited a couple of days before applying more. Those days with no application there was no change. 4 days later we applied it again. The next morning the difference in the burn and darkness of the skin was lighter once more. Really? Could this really be? I was told by my doctor and medical staff that the color would only fade "just a bit" over time. I was only 2 weeks out of surgery.

Once again I waited a few days and then re-applying just to make sure. Rubbing along the scar a little hard, even though it hurt, to help break up the scar tissue that was forming underneath the skin. The color WAS fading and the scar all but healed! Within weeks the discoloration was almost entirely gone! After 6 weeks you could barely see my scar! My doctor couldn't believe it and his nurses now give their patients my name.I am so convinced of what I experienced firsthand that I am now putting my Shea Butter Bar back on my website retail! I wish I had taken pics (if you know me then you know that there isn't a modest bone in my body! LOL!) but I am not sure FB would allow pics of that nature but I should've taken pics anyway for the website. To be honest I just didn't even think of that.

PLEASE share this with your friends and family. The medical profession offers you a prescription cream to apply to ease the burn but I looked at the ingredients and it is loaded with preservatives and chemicals so that was an immediate "no" from me! My Shea butter bar is preservative and chemical free. All Organic Shea Butter, Palm Oil & Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, (pinch of) pinch of Pure Beeswax and Vitamin E, provides the perfect remedy for your cuticles, elbows, heels, knees, or any area that needs that extra “oomph”…!

What makes this so different is my original patented recipe. Very little goes a long way so this 4.5 OZ container can last you a YEAR or more.

Sitting here with tears in my eyes, I can't tell you how excited I am to offer my Shea Butter Bar to the public once more! If you know of anyone that is undergoing radiation of any kind, whether for breast or any other type of cancer, this would be a wonderful gift!

Melts to the touch of your fingertips or just scraper with your fingernail. Apply to very damp skin and simply rub into area that needs help! Let air dry.

You only need a TINY dab to do the trick so each 4.5 oz. container will last for months and months!

Eucalyptus Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary, Unscented

Opening her business in 1987, C.J. of Sweet Harvest Farms, uses her 24 yrs of medical experience to formulate her own unique natural and handmade organic soap and lotion recipes that are both luxurious for your skin and kind to the earth. Originally from Helotes, Texas (still has her home there) CJ owns a small, but thriving family owned company. Sweet Harvest Farms creates handmade soaps, lotions, tooth powder and more, that are made by hand in small batches to ensure quality control. Using only the highest quality food grade organic oils, clay's and herbs on the market, C.J.'s products have become highly sought after by health conscience individuals!

Sweet Harvest Farms handmade organic soaps and bath and body products DO NOT contain Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Phosphates, harsh Chemicals, Mineral Oils or Petroleum by-products of any kind, so you can buy with confidence knowing that what you are using is made with the most sensitive of skin in mind. Enjoy your purchase and please remember to read all instructions accompanying your product. It's not just's an experience!

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